Stand Paw Project

If you don’t stand for something you stand for nothing – #standforsomething

This is a joint initiative to protect their future.
Bestow a gift of love to dogs living in rural areas to aid sterilisation.
Their owner’s love them, but are financially not able to cover these costs.

Please see the images below, select a dog and bestow your gift towards their sterilisation.

*Below you will find the Vet, cost and all information.

Vet & Geographic Detail

These dogs belong to underprivileged homes where most families lack even basic needs such as food or electricity for themselves. Pact has taken on the pledge to help feed and sterilise these dogs and many more to come.

Area : Phoenix, Bhambayi and Amouti.

Shelter : Phoenix animal care and treatment aka PACT
Contact Neeri : 073 005 4275
NPO Number: 114-846

The Ridge Vet and Pet Spa

DR. Yecintha Naidoo
4 Westridge Road,
031 566 4505
(The vet would will be in charge of these 6 dogs )

Spay R900.00*, Neuter R750.00

A special thanks to these donations:

Tofus Corner will be donating 15% of sales towards The Standpaw Project.

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