Box Treats

High-quality handmade dog treats, supplied in a beautiful wooden box containing 17 Iron treats, 8 Vitamin treats and 5 Omega treats

Small (1-15kg)

Medium (15-50kg)

Large (50kg+)

2 Small Dogs Bundle

Small and Medium Dog Bundle

2 Medium Dogs Bundle

R 110.00 each

If you have more than 3 dogs we will design the best combination for your family which will not only be cheaper but even more healthier.

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Grooming Products

This collection contains the 6 fundamental products to really pamper your pooch to another level. All ingredients are natural, safe for your dog and again the healthier option.

Eye Cleanser

Shampoo (Number 1)

Dry Shampoo (Number 2)

Deodoriser Detangler (Number 3)

Pet Oral Care (Number 4)

Pet Itch Relief (Number 5)

Snout and Paw Butter (Number 6)

Ear Cleanser

The Grooming Collection (Number 1-6)

R 90.00 each

Pay towards dogs living in rural areas to be spayed or neutered. Read more

Deli Products

Our new deli collection, all natural dried treats.
PRESERVATIVE and WHEAT FREE! NB – these products are made to order, therefore there is a lead time on 10 days.

Liver Fudge

Chicken Strips

Ostrich Wheels

R 60 each

Hemp Range

Discover the benefits of Wolf and Women’s natural hemp range through shampoo, body spray, and balm

Hemp Balm

Hemp Shampoo

Hemp Body Spray

Hemp Range

R 99 each

W&W Cake Boxes

All new W&W Cake Boxes! A revolutionary product from our innovation center.

R 90 each

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