Vision & Mission

VisionTo create the ultimate bond with mankind’s oldest companion.

MissionIgnite the relationship between man and its best friend, by providing quality time and love with a simple treat.


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High quality food treats, worth 1 month supply, delivered to your door.



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“It takes years to build a great name and minutes to break it down.”

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ABOUT ME – “My why, or should we say, my story.”

My life, I have been brought up with Irish wolfhounds and many other wonderful animals (Lions, bat eared fox, baboons, porcupine, bush babies and many more). Every single animal (Companion) in my journey has taught me emotions, I wish every person could experience, the emotion gained from joy and heartache, had lead me to this point. To Encourage, awaken the bond between man and its best friend. (An emotion I know, and one that I long for and for every person to have ignited within themselves.) What is life, if you can’t share it with the ones you love? Get out there with your dog, have a good time and also thank them for their unconditional love, with a simple treat to say “ thank you” if only we would love and be so loyal for a treat, what a happier person we would be too.

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